EMC Clariion -Workflow Manager


Company: EMC

Loacation: Shanghai

If you’re insterted in this job, please contact me @ Email: with English resume.

  • Queue Management


  • Monitor and Manage CLARiiON Team’s Workflow queues on a process basis.Ensuring Service Requests (SRs) in correct queues and escalate to relevant Team if / when required.Prioritize service requests as per customer status according to process and guidelines.
  • Work as part of a team ensuring smooth transitions for customer and field reported CLARiiON issues .Responsible for sharing all acquired knowledge pertaining to service requests with the field, customer, account managers and other departments as appropriate.
  • Work with other WFMs to help engineers for cross-team  case transferring, escalation and collaboration
  • Lead and Coordinate GEO Turnovers at end of shift.
  • Document all activities in EMC systems.


  • SLO Management


  • Working with Team managers / supervisors and technical engineers to ensure support requests have met SLA/SLO.
  • Set customer expectations should an SLO not be met and work with the customer and engineers to a resolution.


  • Escalation Management
    • Proactive communication with relevant parties to prevent escalations.
    • Primary point of escalation for engineers, account managers and customers engaged.
    • To be a liaison for team/escalation managers, internal/external stakeholders and engineers to create a delicate balance for the APJK solutions space runs smoothly.
    • Become the eyes and ears of team management to provide feedback and/or a pulse reading of engineer performance, sentiment and morale. Monitoring /reporting of team performance by leveraging management tools. Reporting daily incidents / events to Managers.


Skills Required:


  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt on the fly as the situation requires.
  • Previous experience in and a fast paced Customer Service environment, ideally in a Team Leader/Escalation Manager Role.
  • IT/Technical understanding and experience.
  • Excellent customer Service skills, ability to interact with various staff members, including Technical engineers, supervisors, and managers located at different Geo.
  • Ability to remain calm and work in pressure environment, handle multiple escalations simultaneously.
  • Ability to make decisions in terms of resource allocation in normal and politically HOT situations.
  • Flexible to work weekends / public holidays.
  • Fast telephony and typing skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to convey concise information in high visibility environments.
  • Great people skills to build rapport and relationships in a remote environment.
  • Team work is a must as you will be working alongside other WFM’s also in heated and political situations.
  • Great listening skills to detach oneself from the situation to make sound judgment calls.
  • Good People management skills to diplomatically co-ordinate and assign resources as required over a wide scope under stressful scenarios.
  • Excellent organization skills due to the volume of emails, calls and resources that the role involves.
Language  Required:   Excellent command of written and verbal communication skills on both English and Mandarin languages.  


 Education Required:   Bachelors in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent industry related experience
 Experience Required:  3+ Years

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