adlogger 一个优秀的开源adsense统计软件

官方网站:[url][/url] 或[url][/url]
运行环境: PHP + MYSQL



1: Detailed visitor data gives you as much data as possible about your visitor/click. For each user that clicks an ad, you can view visitor IP, hostname, operating system/web browser information, date/time of click, outgoing url clicked, ad format data, channel info, and more.

2:Easily disable ads for a specific IP address or range of IP adddresses.

3:Automatically disable ads for a visitor who clicks too many within a set time period.

4:Custom channels help you monitor your best and worst performing pages in terms of both page views and clicks.

Optionally, you can set up automatic email alerts. The script can send you an email every time a visitor clicks an ad. Also, AdLogger recognizes potential click attacks and can send you an email after mulitple clicks.


上传到空间里,将config_settings.php 和 config_database.php权限设为666.访问[url][/url]进行安装,


1.) Unzip the AdLogger download.

2.) Upload the “adlogger” folder to the root
folder under your HTML/HTTP directory.

3.) CHMOD config_settings.php and config_database.php
to writable status (666).

4.) Create a database and database user on your web
server for AdLogger.

5.) Begin the installation by visiting the adlogger
folder with your browser:


The installation is automatic, asking you just
a few questions and inputs.

6.) Delete the install directory when finished.

7.) To begin tracking your ads, you must place a piece of
code onto each page where you have AdSense ads.
The code can be found on the Code Generator page
in the adminstration panel. Further instructions
can be found there.

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  1. 这个是一个停止开发的东西,说是没什么用,你可以看一下官方的说明。


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